Saturday, August 18, 2012

garden tea party with purl bee's napkins

This pretty post on The Purl Bee was recently forwarded to me by a friend. Sarah had spotted a gleena numbered dessert bowl in the shots (thank you!). I love the napkins idea, and the gorgeous tea by Bellocq. I need to make it over to NYC to visit their tea atelier in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

i just happened across your blog (via Soulemama's blog) and i LOVE your work!!!! i studied sculpture back in college and haven't found a good kiln location to do anymore since. we've been dreaming of purchasing our own to use with our homeschooling family - and viewing your blog and your work is a true inspiration. thank you for sharing! -jo

Blenda Studio said...

Was looking through all the beautiful talented nominees on Martha Stewart's Handmade Contest site and just had to stop by your site to see more of your lovely pottery. Congrats on being featured and good luck for the big prize!

Asya said...

Hi Jo, Thank you for visiting My Mama's. There are a bunch of used kilns for sale on Craig's List, I hope you find one for your family. Ceramics is such fun!